Fisher expresses his thoughts prior to Game 5

Posted on April 22, 2010

Fisher expresses his thoughts prior to Game 5

Facing elimination we catch up with Mike Fisher hours before the Ottawa Senators take on the Pittsburgh Penguins in a make or break Game 5

Q - Pascal Leclaire gets the start tonight? How do you think Leclaire will fare tonight?

A - I think he came in last game and made some pretty big saves right away and kind of gave us a little bit of life. When he's on he's on and he has a chance to steal games and that's what we are hoping for tonight.

Q - How do you plan on dealing with Sidney Crosby?

A - He scored 50 some goals this year and he's probably the best player in the league. We know what he can do. We haven't done our best job and he's done a really good job. We've got to turn this around. We have to focus on that, but also focus on our game.  We want to play a puck possession game and we have gotten away from that and we have maybe focused too much on their game as opposed to what we have to do.

Q - What's the feeling in the room with the team?

A - I think we're good (mentally) we had a good skate. We feel like we are just approaching this game and not looking past tonight. Just have our best game and that's all we can worry about at this point.

Q - How are you feeling heading into this game?

A - I feel good. I might play with a couple different linemates tonight - I'll play with Alfie to start. I'm looking forward to that. I want to chip in and play good defensively and whoever I'm playing against and not giving up as much as we had and I think I have to bring more offensively and chip in as much as I can.

Q - How does it feel that you and Cullen contributed offensively.

A - Matty (Cullen) has played great. I think 5-on-5 we can play better for sure, but I think we have gotten better throughout the series for sure.