Fisher fights through the pain

Posted on November 22, 2010

Fisher fights through the pain

Mike Fisher has always been the type to let his play talk for itself, but lately it appears Fisher has a lot less to say.

For the past couple of weeks Fisher has been battling an undisclosed injury and its evident it's leaving both him and fans wanting more.

While Fisher will be the first to acknowledge he's been playing far from his best, he still believes he should stay in the lineup and play through the pain.

"I don't know how long it would really take," said Fisher. "I want to be playing and do as much as I can and getting better, but obviously a lot, lot slower than I'd like to be but I think I just have to be smart. Instead of using my body use my head a little bit more."

While he may not be at his best Fisher is still a strong presence for the Senators. He has always been the type of player who prides himself on his effort and leadership and while there's no doubt he would love to contribute more he's trying not to worry too much about the way things are.

"The only pressure you really feel is the pressure you put on yourself and I want to be the best," said Fisher. "I'm just going to work hard.  You can worry yourself to death about it. For now, I'll just work hard - I know I can be better and I know I will be. Hopefully I can build on something and everyone can get rolling as a group. We know it's all a team effort."

After winning just one of four games on last week's whirlwind road trip head coach Cory Clouston is looking to make some significant lineup changes.

For Monday's game against the Los Angeles Kings Fisher will find himself playing alongside Nick Foligno and Ryan Shannon.

"Yeah I think it's good," said Fisher. "We obviously stalled offensively and we weren't creating as much. It's always nice to get a little different look and it seemed to work in the past so hopefully we can generate more and be a solid four lines."

The road trip was a huge disappointment considering how well the team had started, with a 2-0 shutout of the Boston Bruins, but considering the emotional roller coaster the team was riding after the death of assistant coach Luke Richardson's daughter the Senators can be excused for not being at their best.

"We have to forget about them (the losses), they were not pretty at all," added Fisher. "It wasn't a good road trip and kind of leave it at that. We have to build on some of the things we know to do to be successful and get confidence together and we have a lot more games coming at home here and we have to be strong."