Fisher set to play 700th

Posted on April 5, 2011

Fisher set to play 700th When the Nashville Predators host the Atlanta Thrashers tonight most players will be thinking about the opportunity to clinch a playoff spot, but Mike Fisher will also be thinking about numbers.

Number 700 to be exact.

Fisher will be playing in his 700th NHL career game tonight, and admits he will take a moment to stop and enjoy the milestone.

"You tend to pay a little attention to the numbers, especially every 100, it's definitely a milestone," said Fisher. "When you take time to stop and think you realize it's a lot of games, but time has flown by."

At 30 years of age Fisher would be considered young by most standards, but with today's NHL getting younger and younger the Peterborough, ON native knows he's considered on the older side.

"Right now I think I'm the third oldest guy on the team and that makes you feel a little older," said Fisher with a laugh. "I think I realize I'm definitely in the later stages of my career."

That's definitely not to say that Fisher has any ideas of retiring any time soon. On the contrary Fisher has been doing more and more to ensure he has many more playing years ahead of him.

Fisher has always been diligent in the maintenance and care of his body, but admits he's paying even closer attention these days.

"I do a lot more stretching and different stuff in the gym," said Fisher. "I think teams are doing a lot more these days as well to help players with the use of nutritionists and stuff."

This past season has been difficult for Fisher as he has had to deal with a lingering injury, a losing record with the Ottawa Senators, and some various scoring struggles.

"I think some good time off this summer will probably help heal a few things."

But for now Fisher will enjoy the milestone and look forward to a long and successful playoff run with the Predators.