Fisher hopes book inspires youth

Posted on June 22, 2011

Fisher hopes book inspires youth

Mike Fisher has always been open about his faith, even when it was difficult.

It was with that in mind that Fisher agreed to have a book written about his walk with God from childhood through to his life in the NHL.

The book, Defender of Faith: The Mike Fisher Story, is geared towards nine to twelve-year-old children and is expected to be released in August.

Fisher admits he was a little taken aback when approached with the idea for the book, but thought it could be beneficial for young Christian athletes who might be facing some of the same challenges Fisher did as a young hockey player.

"I hope it can help kids," said Fisher. "I grew up watching some Christian athletes and hopefully other kids can see they can follow their dream and still be true to their faith."

The book is written by Kim Washburn, a Colorado-based Christian writer, and is published by Zondervan, a HarperCollins company that for more than 75 years has been the leading Christian brand.

Fisher admits there were times throughout his career where being vocal regarding his faith wasn't always easy, but thanks to the support of family and friends he remained strong.

"I had good people around me and they helped direct me," said Fisher. "We're not all perfect, but it's just a matter of learning from mistakes and seeking out God when we need help."

Fisher admits that over the years he's been fortunate to have played with some tremendous teammates who inspired him, and he hopes he can do the same for some of the younger players in the league.

"Brian Pothier and Dean McAmmond were two real solid Christian guys and I learned a lot from both," admitted Fisher. "They were great teammates."

There have been some great strides over the years in the acceptance of Christian players, but Fisher believes there's still room for more to be done.

"There are a lot more groups out there than when I was first starting out," said Fisher. "There's still a long way to go, but I've seen a lot of good things."

Fisher's book is just one more of the good things to help make the way a little easier for those to come.