Hunting and Under Armour a great fit for Fisher

Posted on August 31, 2011

Hunting and Under Armour a great fit for Fisher

Mike Fisher has developed many passions throughout his life and his love of hunting is among his favorites.
While a member of the Ottawa Senators Fisher purchased a home that allowed him to hunt right outside his front door. On many occasions Fisher would talk about how he would be heading home after practice to spend some time outdoors hunting.

Last fall Fisher signed a four-year endorsement deal with Under Armour and while he had always been a fan of their athletic wear, he was just as pleased to be able to take advantage of their hunting apparel.

"Their hunting gear is unbelievable, it really is awesome," said Fisher. "Its really good quality and they have everything you could need. Under Armour is just a great company."

Fisher recently took part in a photo shoot to promote some of Under Armour's hunting apparel and admits it was definitely one of his favorites.

Now a member of the Nashville Predators Fisher doesn't have hunting grounds right outside his door, but he says there's definitely some open space close by that will allow him to try out some of his new apparel.

Hunting is a necessity in many ways for Fisher who finds his time in the woods as a perfect way to relax and clear his head from the rigours of the game.

"There's some good space around Nashville," said Fisher. "There's some areas that are close enough that I'll be able to get out some afternoons."