Fisher not set for start of season

Posted on October 4, 2011

Fisher not set for start of season Mike Fisher took a huge step forward in his recovery Monday as he skated with his teammates for the first time this season.

Fisher, who is still recovering from off-season shoulder surgery, has admitted that his recovery has been slower than he would have preferred, but would rather take whatever time necessary to ensure he doesn't suffer setbacks.

“My main goal is to get strong and healthy and help this team the whole year,” Fisher said. “If I have to miss games, then so be it, but I have to be smart.”

For now that means Fisher missing the Predators season opener against Columbus with no timetable set for his return to the game.

Fisher still has numerous hurdles to clear before he or the Predators can expect his return. He still hasn't been cleared for contact or practiced extensively with his teammates. Fisher will undoubtedly want to jump right back into the action the moment he gets clearance.

“The last couple of weeks I’ve made some gains as far as strength and moving it better,” Fisher said. “We’re coming on five months here. It’s a slow process, so I need to make sure I’m good and strong. I still have a little ways to go.”

Over the years Fisher has had to endure enough injuries to know that patience is an absolute necessity.

Fisher is determined to be at his best for the Predators this season and if that means waiting a little longer than he's more than willing to be patient for a while longer.