Defender of Faith making a difference

Posted on November 14, 2011

Defender of Faith making a difference

Mike Fisher has always been a great role model, but it was often difficult for Mike to reach all of his fans.

But thanks to Defender of Faith: The Mike Fisher story, a book detailing Fisher's journey to the NHL and commitment to his faith fans across the world can get a personal glimpse into Fisher's world.

The book, released this past fall, has done extremely well and received great feedback from fans.

Fans have called the book "inspirational", "life-changing" and one fan said "reading your book has made such an impact on my life. I now know that it's ok to be honest about my faith and be proud of who I am."

For Fisher the response from readers has been extremely encouraging.

"I never really thought I would have a book," admitted Fisher. "It's so great to see the reaction from so many, especially the kids who have read the book."

While Fisher was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that supported his dream of making the NHL he also felt extremely lucky to have a family who helped find his way. He knows not everyone is so lucky.

"Kids have a lot of different pressures and hopefully they realize God wants to help," said Fisher. "I want kids to know its ok to be honest about who they are. I've been blessed with so much and I feel so fortunate."