Fisher hard at work

Posted on September 10, 2012

Fisher hard at work

After a well deserved summer of sun and fun Mike Fisher is back at it.

The Nashville Predators forward is hard at work training for the start of the season, whenever that may be.

The 32-year-old says this past summer was easily one of his best. Not only did he enjoy spending time with friends and family, but it's the best he's felt in years.

"Last summer I was dealing with the shoulder surgery and it took a little longer than expected," said Fisher. "This summer I was able to take some time off and once I got back to training I felt great. It was definitely a nice change."

Fisher, who recently signed a two-year contract extension, says it makes a big difference when you can train without the pain.

Fisher is now skating three to four times a week and training five days a week. For now he's still enjoying his weekends.

"Training has been fun because I can do everything."

For the most part Fisher has been skating with teammate Martin Erat and now more and more players are returning to the Music City.

Fisher, who was the Predators second-leading team scorer last season, is anxious to pick up where he left off.

"Personally I feel a lot stronger and I'm excited to get back to playing," said Fisher. "I think we're going to be very competitive."

Fisher is concerned about the impending lockout, but is hopeful the two sides will be able to come to an agreement.