Fisher handling rigours of schedule

Posted on February 24, 2013

With 19 games in 37 days Mike Fisher has barely had time to take a breath, but such is the life of a hockey player in a lockout-shortened season.

Nights off are rare and practice time is minimal as rest becomes all the more important in this shortened season.

"Physically it's a lot more demanding," said Fisher. "We've been lucky and been given lots of days off."

Fisher admits with so little practice time the team has few opportunities to work on things, but working in the Predators favour is the fact the team had so many returning players who already understood the system.

"Sometimes practice is good, but I think rest might be more important this year," said Fisher. "It's about nutrition, stretching, good habits and rest this year, especially when you get down the stretch."

The Predators have managed to stay in the playoff hunt in one of the most competitive divisions in the league.

With three goals and seven points Fisher is pleased with his play, but would definitely like to contribute a little more offensively.

"Obviously I'd like to be producing more offensively, which is like a lot of guys on our team right now," admitted Fisher. "I feel like I'll break out soon."

Averaging just 1.95 goals-per-game Nashville is dead last in goals for, but they more than make up for it defensively as they are third in the league allowing just 2.05 goals-per-game and the one reason they have been so good defensively is the play of Pekka Rinne.

"Pekka is unbelievable," said Fisher. "He keeps us in every game even when we're not scoring. We know we need more offence and our power play has to be better."