Fisher finds peace in outdoors

Posted on October 26, 2009

Fisher finds peace in outdoors

How many people can say they've seen a grizzly bear up close and not had the urge to run screaming?

For Mike Fisher the opportunity to see a grizzly was both amazing and exhilarating. As an avid hunter and fisherman the 29-year-old knows catching a grizzly is considered quite a prize.

On a recent trip to Alaska Fisher spent time hunting and fishing and one of his prized catches turned out to be a black grizzly bear.

"We trekked into the Alaskan wilderness and we were pretty far out," said Fisher. "It was a pretty amazing feeling. I was excited to see them. I've always loved bears and the grizzly has been my biggest kill."

He now has the bear skin at his cottage as a reminder of a great vacation.

Fisher says the adrenaline rush he felt at seeing the grizzlies was amazing.

On the other side Fisher enjoys the quiet calm of the water when fishing.

"I remember fishing a lot when I was younger," recalled Fisher. "My family would go to a lodge and we would all go fishing."

Fisher continues to make hunting and fishing a family experience as he can often be found on the water with his brother or cousins.

A perfect example was his trip to Alaska which he took with his brother and cousin.

In addition to catching the grizzly they also spent time fishing for salmon, pike and artic char.

He's also gone deep sea fishing in Mexico and the Cayman Islands and considers a 100-pound marlin his biggest catch.

But Fisher says he doesn?t need to go to distant places to find enjoyment in his hobbies.

During the summer months he enjoys spending time on his boat and in the fall he tries to find time for deer hunting.  Fisher is fortunate that he doesn't need to go far to pursue his passion as his property in Ottawa is in a heavily wooded area.

"Hunting is not just about the kill, I just like being outside," says Fisher. "Hunting is an escape for me. It's just a good thinking time, it?s a prayer time."