Fisher big fan of Halloween

Posted on October 30, 2009

Fisher big fan of Halloween

Mike Fisher isn't quite sure what his Halloween plans are this year, but he has fond memories of past years.

If the schedule allows the Senators usually try to host a Halloween party where players are encouraged to dress-up and Fisher recalls having some pretty good costumes.

"There have been some pretty good ones over the years," said Fisher. "Some were definitely pretty funny."

Fisher recalled dressing up as Tiger Woods one year and one that remains a favorite was the year he dressed as former Senators general manager John Muckler.

"Halloween is fun," said Fisher. "It's all about the costumes."

The 29-year-old also has fond memories of childhood Halloweens spent trick or treating with his siblings.

"It was always fun to go out with my brothers and sister," said Fisher. "It was a long walk between some of the houses so sometimes we would just get a ride to go out."

He says his family always got together to carve pumpkins and come up with costume ideas.

"I've always liked Halloween," says Fisher. "I just think it?s fun."